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vfried : can you plz publish this for the last anon, i used to cut myself and i have scars all over my thighs and wrist. it shouldn't stop you from doing what u want, if they're scars it's in the past and u should be proud of yourself and everything uve been through. u beat that and it's something you have overcome. do what YOU want and be proud of that. take care of urself and make the most of what u have. Show them scars off! Be proud of the depression or problem that u overcame .

^ i agree thank you.

and look what i have on my legs
have another gross selfie of me dying of heat. fuck you brisbane weatherand fuck you no airconditioner 
i am actually melting bc my parents won’t let me put the airconditioner on
hello all
every time i wear a tight dress, i have to step out of my comfort zone.. i honestly can’t stand my body… but i won’t let my love for fashion be shut away because of a distorted view of myself.
i feel like a mermaid
hehe #motelrocks
thank you motel rocks for the amazing sample! i am in love
happy halloween lovely followers
watching fma all day today hehe
redwear 2012
bleh.. hi
yet another lazy sunday
so i did my makeup like sally