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i already knew what the kh 2.5 cover looked like but i just saw the back and i nearly spewed with excitement.


one of my favorite things about robin williams is that when he was filming “one hour photo” there’s a scene where he offers a boy an action figure from the store he works in, and robin williams asked the director if he could pick the toy and he fucking brought in his own evangelion figure and somehow the director said yes, even though there’s no way a store like that at that time would have a toy like that


the best part is it’s a fucking angel and the kid says it’s a “60ft tall good guy”

staying at the emporium hotel sunday night to assist an early shoot monday morning is causing me a lot of anxiety. the thought of having to share a room with people i have only met in the last week is stressing me out and i doubt i will be able to get any sleep.



Please don’t repost or remove credit from photographers in general, everyone. Tumblr is a website that particularly lends itself to the rapid distribution of images with no direct line to the source; captioned and linked credit is a way to somewhat mitigate that. I know most of you know to credit other kinds of artists; you should apply the same standards to photography, there’s nothing different in that context about photographic images and illustrations. I see this kind of thing happening all over tumblr.


If there is credit there…


Stop doing this.


i’ve been assisting with a fashion shoot the last few days and i haven’t been this sore for a long time.

what even are legs.



Day 14 - Anime that i could always watch
~ Kuroshitsuji ~


ep 6 of book of circus though



Do you ever just listen to MCR songs and breathe in the lyrics and fall in love all over again until reALITY FUCKING SETS IN AND YOU REMEMBER THAT THEY’RE GONE

it’s comforting seeing that there ARE PEOPLE who agree that tumblr can be WAY too aggressive when it comes to cultural appropriation.

if anyone ever said shit about the crap ton of photos i have of me wearing traditional egyptian clothing because i look “white” i would spew.