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Todays find in daiso
My hair is finally soft as anything and doesnt break off. Im so happy with the colour. Now to maintain it as it grows will be the fun part.

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heh.. i have this figure 

everyone is better off without me
people who get close to me soon realize how toxic i am
then they vanish


© Mimmi Strinnholm (http://instagram.com/thistlemilk)


i’m laughing so hard, not only because it’s one of my favourite anime, but they had absolutely no idea who the characters were they just thought they looked “cute”fuck urban outfitters.

Tied to gutter trash? Damn that was a good anime.

i know, and very successful in japan because of the light shed on otaku culture. but how are westerners supposed to empathize with a title and themes like that. it made me feel very empowered and me unashamed of my hobbies which include eroge/ games and figure collecting!
Anonymous : do you have anyone whos at home you could talk to? if so go and talk to them it might make you feel better! or do something to preoccupy your time, watch a funny video or something. that always makes me feel better when i'm anxious

I have no one. All my friends are very distant. Thanks for the suggestion.

i am crippled with anxiety right now and don’t know what to do


Confusing Entity by Takato Yamamoto

Joao Ruas - Valkyrie ( Etching, 2013)